Welcome to America’s Fishing Tournaments (AFT), where every angler can compete for large payouts at low level entry fees. AFT tournaments are designed and formatted like no other tournaments in the country. Teams get to fish any body of water* they want in a state or region, during tournament hours and compete against the rest of the field doing the same, at the same time. AFT is giving every angler what they have always wished for, “if only there was a tournament on my lake”. Now there is!

There are many incredible anglers in every state that may possess the skill and ability to compete at the pro level but still do not have the opportunity. Whether it’s time constraints, family commitments, travel, work, etc., AFT is now providing that opportunity to everyone! Whether you are a seasoned angler, tournament veteran, weekend warrior or an up and comer, AFT is making it easy for anyone and everyone to compete for large cash payouts!


Congradulations to Kate Perkins, Winner of the Kristine Fischer Tournament Partner Contest!

$100,000’s of dollars in CASH prizes!

With tournaments held monthly in each state(s) or region, for multiple species beyond bass and walleye, including salt water and ice fishing, the anglers fishing in AFT tournaments will be competing for part of $100,000’s in cash prizes throughout the year.

$10,000’s of dollars in FREE entries!

The AFT will be giving away hundreds of FREE entries across the country through promotional and advertising campaigns. Also, if you have a club, local or regional circuits and would like free entries for raffles, fundraisers or giveaways please contact the AFT for further information.

Real Time Tournaments!

The AFT is the only National circuit running statewide “Real Time” tournaments in existence today. Our proven method of Catch, Verify & Release allows teams to fish their favorite waters during tournament hours, against other teams in the same state, doing the same thing.