The Live Leaderboard in the AFT app will be available for everyone to follow along during tournament hours. Anyone can view the leaderboard, including competing anglers, sponsors, media, family, friends, guests and fishing fanatics but only registered paid participants will be able to input their information into the leaderboard. The leaderboard will be constantly updated during the tournament hours to follow along and keep everyone up to date on the action and where the anglers stand.

During the last hour of each tournament, the leaderboard will be frozen. This is to add excitement and anticipation to the final outcome, like a live weigh-in. Anglers will still be able to access and add to their fish totals during this time but they will not be able to see the live leaderboard change or their total.

The final standings will then be uploaded and posted after the fish sizes have been confirmed by tournament officials. This is acting along the same principals as live weigh-in tournaments, as no one know the final standing until all the fish have been officially weighed and verified. The unofficial standings will be posted one hour after the tournament event ends and then the official final standings will be posted shortly after all fish have been verified.