Step by Step Instruction

It is highly recommended that everyone tries the simply “Fish Registrations” practice on the app before your first tournament. For the practice fish registration, you do not have to take pictures of fish. You can take pictures of anything, as it is only practice use for yourself and to familiarize yourself with the simply process. This will help you understand and complete the fish registration and help speed up the process during the actual tournament.

Once you catch a legal tournament size fish

  • Open the AFT app.
  • Make sure your phone Location Services is on. This should be done ahead of time.
  • Go to your tournament.
  • Click on register a fish.
  • The app camera will appear.
  • You will put your fish on your tournament approved bump board, the correct way.
  • Mouth must be closed and you can pinch or compress the tail.
  • Take a clear photograph of the fish on the bump board.
  • Review photo and make sure of the following:
  1. There are no obstructions in the photo.

  2. The fish is facing to the left, the tail to the right, belly toward the angler taking photo.

  3. You can clearly see the MOUTH IS CLOSED COMPLETELY.

  4. You can clearly see the mouth is touching the front bump, post or vertical stop.

  5. You can clearly see the tail is flat, on the board and the measurement.
  1. Lip, eye and tail end cannot be obstructed in the photo, even by your hand.

  2. Hand and fingers must not be in or under the gill plate.

  3. Make sure the sun is not glaring or whiting out any of the above.

  4. Submit photo.
  • Next take a clear photo of angler holding fish and submit photo.
  • Immediately release fish once photos are clear and confirmed.***
  • Enter fish length into the app.
  • App will calculate and convert your length to weight based on the conversion chart.
  • Repeat. As much as possible.
  • Fish may not be registered after tournament hours; the app will not allow it. Everyone is using a cell phone and has the exact time of day, except for states with split time zones. All the information must be entered into the app before the end of the tournament. If you catch a fish at the end of the day and are in the middle of registering the fish and the time ends, the app will not allow it to be entered or continue. We will use the time stamped metadata from the photo of the fish on the bump board to determine the time it was measured. This will be considered the time it was caught.
  • If a team is out of service, Wi-Fi or in a dead area, the app will still work and store all your fish photos and information. The app will continuously search for service throughout the day and will automatically upload each time you are in a service area. If you are completely in a dead area and void of service, you must get to a service or Wi-Fi area within 1 hour after the tournament has officially ended to upload all your fish catch information. The app will automatically upload your information itself, simply by getting to a service or Wi-Fi area.

  • This is the team’s responsibility to know where they need to go to upload their information before the tournament even starts. If a team is far away from service, it is their responsibility to leave the water early enough to get to a location within one hour after tournament ended. If you are late or cannot get service within one hour after tournament ended, you will lose all points and fish that have not been uploaded yet.

*** If you are competing in another tournament at the same time as an AFT tournament, you may live well your fish limit for that tournament but may not use the same fish again in the AFT tournament. This will result in a life time ban and forfeiture of all winnings and entry fees and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.